Sometimes it's best to stick to your own craft. That may have been the mindset of the filmmakers behind the upcoming Nina Simone biopic. Mary J. Blige had reportedly been attached to the project since its inception. Apparently, the film scheduling was even pushed back in order to accommodate Blige's participation in this season's "Rock of Ages." Both the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul and David Oyelowo of "Red Tails" fame were the most recent stars set to headline the $10 million project, until rumors surfaced of Zoe Saldana replacing Blige's role as Nina Simone.

The rumors have allegedly been confirmed, according to two sources. Although Blige certainly has the personal background of dealing with the high ups and devastating lows in the music business, Saldana will now be portraying the American singer and activist. We'll see if she can pull it off.