She’s the female star of the highest grossing movie of all time (James Cameron’s “Avatar”), and the female lead in J.J. Abrams’ popular “Star Trek” franchise. She’s also a Calvin Klein underwear model and she’s been romantically linked to the Sexiest Man Alive (actor Bradley Cooper).

With that kind of resume, you would think actress Zoe Saldana could grace the cover of any magazine in the world. But the 33-year-old actress tells The Huffington Post exclusively that’s not the case. “I can’t yet pose for any magazine. I wish I could,” the soft-spoken actress told us on the red carpet at the Cosmopolitan for Latinas launch party Wednesday night in New York City.

“There are a lot of magazines that are still sort of…that only cater to a certain demographic and only put certain people on their covers,” she added. “And that’s fine – I never lose hope that one day certain big magazines can broaden their exposure of what is an American face,” added the half-Dominican, half-Puerto Rican actress.

Zaldana says magazines have tremendous power to bring about change. “I never like to get political, but when you have the ability, through your media, to influence a large mass of people, I would want to be a part of the evolving cycle of progress vs. keeping things the way that they are. I think that I speak for a lot of us, Americans, that I would want to see a little more diversity,” she said.

“For the love of God, we have a Black president,” Saldana added. “That should’ve set the tone on a lot of things that should’ve been a little quicker, and it’s not enough.”