NOW THIS: Strawllers Hair Curlers

NOW THIS: Strawllers Hair Curlers

The innovative and break-through hair tool makes a splash at Atlanta's World Natural Hair Show. The brand prides itself on celebrating Black women's natural curl offering immediate control and definition

by Kimberly Walker, May 4, 2012

NOW THIS: Strawllers Hair Curlers

Straw sets are not just for transitioners. The once go-to style for any brave soul attempting to go natural has been given a modern makeover courtesy of the innovative brand Strawllers. Most of us are used to using tons of drinking straws to achieve the fluffy look over an irritating three or four hours of drying time, but Strawllers, long, multi-sized, durable rollers, allow you or your stylist to cut down that time dramatically. 

The brand made a big splash at this year’s World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta, boasting an incredibly quick drying time. I, and every other optimistic woman in the building, needed reassurance. “Your hair dries in less than an hour,” creator and entrepreneur Marc Wells said with a smile and nod. Let the church say amen! A faster drying time puts the fun back into rocking this sleek style.

The rollers retail for $11 bucks, come in several sizes, giving the styling options of slim curls like a natural beauty or loopier curls like a vintage starlet. Get your Strawllers now!

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