While we all support charities in our own way, for these Black princesses, duchesses and marchionesses, it’s a regular part of the privileged life. Here are five real-life royals who use their official and unofficial crowns to help give back to their countries and beyond.

Princess Ariana Austin Makonnen of Ethiopia

American beauty Ariana Austin of Ethiopia became a member of the Ethiopian imperial family when she married Prince Dawit Makonnen, the great-grandson of Emperor Haile Selassie, in 2017. The granddaughter of Lord Mayor John Meredith Ford of Georgetown, Guyana, Austin serves as the Goodwill Ambassador of Friends & RPCVs of Guyana, a non-profit, service-based organization dedicated to supporting education, health, social, economic, cultural and environmental programs in and about Guyana. 

Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria

California-born Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria was a model before meeting her husband, Prince Kunle Omilana of Nigeria, in 2004. The couple lives outside the country, as they've chosen to live as private citizens and not working royals. Omilana is a co-founder of the Cultural Network, a marketing company that helps finance international projects through the use of private and corporate sponsorships.

Princess Senate Mary Seeiso of Lesotho

The Eldest child of King Letsie III and Queen Masenate Mohato Seeiso, Princess Senate Mary Seeiso of Lesotho is Her Royal Highness in the Kingdom of Lesotho, a country landlocked as an enclave in South Africa. She’s the patron of the National Coalition of Lesotho, a non-governmental organization that works to implement children's rights in Lesotho. 

Emma Thynn, Marchioness of Bath

Emma Clare McQuinston gained her royalty title when she married Ceawlin Thynn, then a viscount, in 2013. When he succeeded his father and became the 8th Marquess of Bath, U.K. Emma became the first Black marchioness in British history. Between her appearances on British reality competition shows, the Marchioness runs an animal Sanctuary and serves as a beekeeper.

Meghan Markle, Dutchess of Sussex

Duchess Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, may have given up their HRH titles, but the couple is still dedicated to several charitable outlets. She and Harry established Archewell Foundation, a nonprofit arm that uplifts and unites local and global communities, one act of compassion at a time. She also supports a number of other charities including the Loveland Foundation which brings therapy to people who can't afford it.