Sadly, Black and Brown communities are disproportionately affected by heart diseases when compared to white counterparts. According to a 2019 study, incidence of heart disease-related deaths is higher among African-Americans as compared to other populations. While the statistics can be mind-boggling, it’s worth noting that there are ways to assist in looking after our own heart health.

Whether you’re using the latest Apple Watch or other digital tools, there are now several gadgets and apps that ensure your heart is at its best at all times. Check out our list of 5 tools that can be used to look after your heart health to ensure you live a balanced, healthy life.


SelfiHealth is a mobile app that partners with healthcare organizations and hospitals to provide a modern approach to patient support. By matching patients, family members, and caregivers through their mobile app, it allows for more meaningful and personal connections, sharing of valuable resources, and, ultimately, better health. Founded by two survivors of open-heart surgery and stroke, the app collaborates with the American Heart Association to support young adult heart and stroke patients and caregivers. With a diverse team of industry executives, SelfiHealth is uniquely positioned to tackle this opportunity.

Withings Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

The Withings Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale is perfect for those looking for more subtle ways to check in on your heart health. This scale not only provides accurate and detailed information about body composition, but it also gives a complete body composition analysis. This information is incredibly helpful for those looking to understand how weight plays a role in heart health.

body-plus-white-lb copy
Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

Price: $100

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Oura Ring Gen3

Why not be healthy and fashionable? You can achieve both with your very own Oura ring. This gadget helps you understand the relationship between your body and activities by monitoring your heart rate at all times. It also records data on how well you slept and blood oxygen detection.

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Ring Gen3

Price: $299

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KardiaMobile Card Personal EKG Monitor

Sometimes, monitoring your heart health while on the go isn't the easiest. But for those with booked and busy schedules, look no further. The KardiaMobile 6L is a personal device that fits in your wallet and allows you to take medical-grade EKGs anytime, anywhere. It connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet for instant analysis and results.

Personal EKG

Price: $79

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Apple Watch

Consistently setting the tone for technological advances, Apple recently announced the Investigator Support Program as a feature on its Apple Watch. Through this program, products are given to researchers to assist them in understanding the heat more from a scientific lens. Aside from this, the Apple Watch is already equipped with features such as heart notifications, high or low, and irregular rhythm notifications.

Watch SE

Price: $249

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