Not just anyone is deserving of the title of a forever president. It’s something that’s earned. Friday marked our forever president Barack Obama’s 56th birthday.

Obama’s historic presidency marked a landmark moment in all of our lives. We were ecstatic to finally have a Black president, but we didn’t know he’d also be so charismatic, down-to-earth, chivalrous, witty and genuine.

In commemoration of the man who demonstrated many a times that Blackness was indeed in his DNA, we’ve rounded up some of the moments we almost forgot Obama wasn’t our long-distance relative Uncle Barry. In other words, it’s #ObamaDay.

1. When he checked an obnoxious youngin’: 

Ok, the man that audaciously but jokingly told our president not to touch his girlfriend  was actually probably in his late 20s — early 30s max. But nonetheless, Obama was still his elder. The young man presumptuously spoke out the side of his neck when he told our president to keep his hands away from his lady who’d been standing next to Obama in a poll booth. After joking around with the woman about her boyfriend the president than preceded to give her a kiss on a cheek. LOL. Uncle B’s such a jokester.

2. When he demonstrated, yet again, that he can’t let go of fist bumping: 

Those of y’all who are still are on a personal mission to keep the fist bump alive and well probably took pro-Black solace in regularly seeing our president share the same goal as he did in the above clip.

3. When he showed he could keep up with the shadiest of shade:

When Obama went on Zach Galafanakis’ comedy show, “Between Two Ferns,” the actor takes a jab at Obama’s pardoning of a turkey in 2013. Obama quickly retorted with, “Was that depressing to you? Seeing that, uh, one turkey kinda taken out of circulation? A turkey you couldn’t eat?”

4. When he broke out into an Al Green song like he was at cousin Tammy’s cookout:

There’s nothing more inherent to Black culture than breaking out into an old R&B song. Although Obama wasn’t at a cookout — it was instead a 2012 fundraising event at the Apollo, he could’ve had us fooled. Obama clearly got the Al Green calling when he started belting out “Let’s Stay Together” while thanking Green for an earlier appearance at the event.

5. When he found a way to slow jam the news: 

There were few moments to be prouder of having a Black president than the time Uncle Barry brought slow jam to NBC. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Obama recited the day’s news R&B style. Serenade ’em, Unc.

6. When he proved he got jokes by reading the hell out of those white people in D.C.: 

April 30, 2016 was a day we didn’t know we’d all been waiting for. After barrages of insults, constant resistance from the GOP and Trump’s birther claims, Obama finally came for those who fueled the eight-year opposition at his final White House Correspondents Dinner. Before calling out Mike Huckabee, Michelle Bachman and Trump among others, Obama preceded his clapbacks with: “Everybody’s got something to say these days.”

7. Then dropped the mic after because he know he had the sauce: 

When you know you got it, you can’t hide it. In one of the blackest and most poetic 10 seconds of his presidential career, Obama exited his final state dinner by saying “Obama out” before dropping the mica in such a bittersweet moment.