With the start of the new school year comes longer to-do lists, a busier schedule, and what feels like fewer hours in the day to balance work and family obligations. From stocking up on back-to-school supplies, getting the kids adjusted from summer vacation to ‘school mode’, keeping up with household chores, and completing your personal to-do list, it can sometimes feel impossible to stay on top of it all; especially if you tend to procrastinate. 

To help stay on task, we’ve compiled a list of products, from home to wellness, that will help keep you organized, efficient, and feeling positive. Not only do they help with avoiding procrastination, they help you take on the day with confidence and certainty, boosting your mental health by knowing you have a system to balance everything on your plate. 

Soon your busiest days will run like a well-oiled machine, so you can designate more time for taking care of your wellbeing and of course, pencil in more quality family time. Shop the tools and products below. 

The Digital Calendar 

Image: courtesy of Skylight

The Skylight Calendar $160, skylightframe.com

This WiFi-connected digital planner stories all of your calendar events that auto-syncs to your Google, Outlook, Apple, Cozi, and Yahoo calendars on one color-coded screen. It allows every member of your family synchronize their events in one place so you know exactly where everyone is throughout the day. You can also store to-do lists, grocery lists, and photos on the touch screen 10” device. Place it on your work desk, kitchen counter, or even mount it on a wall for the entire family to see. 

The Focus Supplement

Image: courtesy of No.8

No. 8 Nootropics $99 for monthly supply, No. 8.com

Tackle brain fog and boost function with these health gummy supplements that give the procrastinating, easily distracted mind the jumpstart it needs. Formulated by a neuro specialist, the gummies improve overall brain processin, reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone), and increases dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with memory, reward, and motivation. Available in matcha and mint flavors, these gummies are perfect for parents making the most of naptime or meeting a work deadline.  

The Timekeeper

Image: courtesy of Amazon

Moas Cube Table Timer $15, Amazon.com

Any procrastinator knows that sometimes it can be hard to get started on a task, but also stay started. This table timer allows you to set realistic goals for yourself and master time management skills, with settings for 10, 30, 50 and 60 minutes, you can dedicate a certain amount of time to specific tasks without feeling overwhelmed. One reviewer said, “I have ADHD so I can't focus for long periods of time. This timer has made it so much easier. I study for 30 mins at a time with 5 mins to look at my phone for about an hour then take a 15 - 60 min break depending on how I'm feeling.” The device is also help for keeping kids on track with homework or limiting on-screen time. 

The Auto-Mop

Image: courtesy of Yeedi

Yeedi Mop $650, Yeedi.com

Worth every penny, this robot, self-cleaning modern mop will free up so much of your time spent cleaning using an ultrasonic sensor. Simply turn it on before leaving the house and it auto-cleans all hardwood and tile floors. Through the app you can schedule a cleaning sequence, set up a no-go zone, and integrate voice direction using Alexa or Google home devices. It has two mopping pads that spin 180 times per minute, two 3.5 L water tanks that store clean water, and waste separately to prevent cross contamination, so it really does everything for you while clearing the most annoying stains with ease. The brand also makes a Vacuum Pro option for those that have carpeting, that works just as well and self-empties.

The Sleep Regulator 

Image: courtesy of Hatch

Hatch Rest 2nd Gen device $70, hatch.co

Getting your child back into the groove of going to bed on time and waking up extra early for school is tough, especially after a relaxed summer. The Hatch sleep device is designed to reinforce consistent sleep habits with different devices available for every stage of childhood from infants to big kids. The device pairs lights with sounds that encourage sleep using a library of bedtime stories, curated playlists, and energetic morning alarms. It also serves as a dimmable nightlight and morning wakeup alarm, using soft lighting, an LED clock, and color therapy to help kids get into a rhythm. And if you’re the one who needs help with sleep, check out the brand’s adult version that helps you unwind with ease and wake up feeling refreshed. 

The Stress Reliever 

Balance App $70/annually, Available on iOS and Android

Winner of Google’s Best App of 2021 Award, the Balance app is guided meditation app designed to help you manage stress and amp up focus and productivity . The unique app allows users to personalize their experience and specify what meditation tools they prefer (breath control, counting, etc). On those days when procrastination and exhaustion is at an all-time high, it can be extremely helpful to press pause and reset, this app does that. Also, Apple is currently giving new users a free year!

The Distraction Eliminator

Image: courtesy of Apple

Apple Airpods Max Headphones $350, Sony.com

This is a no brainer but noise canceling headphones will get you in the zone, no matter what’s happening in the background. This is tremendously helpful for those working at home and at whim to a number of loud distractions. No matter what is going on around you, from honking cars, to barking dogs, you won’t hear a peep and can focus on whatever task you need to tackle. For a less pricey option, try the sleek JBL Tune 660NC headphones ($70, jbl.com) or the kid-friendly JBL JR 460NC headphones ($65, jbl.com).

The Paper Planner

Image: courtesy of Be Rooted Co.

Be Rooted Co. x Mkoby Daily planner $22, berootedco.com

If old-school written planners are your thing, this Black-owned brand delivers a chic daily scheduler that goes beyond your average calendar with wellness and goal prompts. It provides space to schedule your day into hourly time slots, detail your meal plan, track your water intake, list your top priorities for the day, and a to-do list. You’ll never miss a beat with this do-it-all planner.