The New Year is just weeks away, and while many of us are focusing on our “New year, new me” mantras, don’t forget to give your home a makeover too.  Normally the endless options can be a headache when it comes to interior decorating, but we’ve found three interior design apps that will help you tap into your inner designer and make your home makeover simple and fun.

Morpholio Board


User: The Creative Home Design Junkie

Operating System: IOS

Morpholio Board allows users to create mood boards to use as inspiration while deciding on room décor. Users browse digital collages that they can add to boards that they create. They have the option of selecting an item from a pre-created collage to add to their boards, or to steal the whole collage as inspiration. Morpholio is a great way to decide which color schemes to use in a given room as well as what kind of furniture looks best. The only problem, users might run out of rooms to decorate and need to buy a larger house! Just like the logo implies, Morpholio is like using a bulletin board to post your favorite design inspirations digitally.



User: The DIY Remodeler

Operating System: Android or IOS

Houzz is a one stop shop for performing a home design and remodel project. User can find local professionals, shop, and browse home improvement ideas from an easy to use interface. Home ideas are displayed via “stories” that that give the background of any given product including who owns the home, the designer, the size, and home location, and most importantly where to buy the products used in the design. In addition to stories, users can also filter products and design ideas by room type (Kitchen, kids room, living room) for example. The app also allows you to save your favorite stories and room inspirations. Unlike Morpholio, which acts more as a collage or idea board, Houzz gives users all of the necessary details to see if a remodel project can work for their home using real life examples.

MagicPlan App


User: The DIY Home Design Guru

Operating System: Android and IOS

MagicPlan uses photos of your home or commercial space to make floorplans, take measurements, and create work estimates in anticipation of a new design and remodel project. Users capture an image of a space and the MagicPlan creates a floorplan or they can upload an existing floorplan (which is slightly easier) and edit it using the app. Although uploading images into the app takes an extremely steady hand, the ability to keep track of measurements is an invaluable tool that any DIY home remodel expert will inevitably need.

Elizabeth Aguirre is a Digital Writer and Retail Design Project Manager living and working in Chicago, Il. When she’s not tweeting about social justice issues, she can be found meditating or blogging at