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[NATURAL HAIR NOW] Is Your Protective Style Really Protecting Your Hair?

It’s December, and the air is cold amd dry. Follow the tips offered in this revisited December 2013 article to keep you strands healthy throughout the coldest months of the year.

Kinky Girls Can Learn zfrom Curly Girls repost 11/13/19

[NATURAL HAIR NOW] Kinky Girls Can Learn from Curly Girls (& Vice Versa)

Kinky? Curly? Kinky and curly? No matter how your natural hair is classified, according to this reposted June 2014 article, you can learn useful tips from those with other types.

Can Conservative Politics Use Faith to Manipulate the Faithful?

It’s been 42 years since Roe vs. Wade made abortions a legal procedure in the…


Did You Know the Creator of HeatFreeHair Was a Black Woman?

Ngozi Opara has definitely made a stamp on the natural hair community and taken control…

hair vitaminss

[NATURAL HAIR NOW] Do Hair Vitamins Actually Work?

There’s been a major boom in the hair vitamin market, with quite a few companies…

african american woman

[NATURAL HAIR NOW] The Truth About Transitioning

After "liking" enough pictures of girls with voluminous natural hair or the perfect curly bantu knot-out,…

[NATURAL HAIR NOW] We Aren’t All Curly, Girl

Walk down the aisles of any beauty supply store, scroll through the Twitter and Instagram…