Anyone who’s ever dreamed of a having a wedding truly worthy of writing home about can put their pens down right about now. A Washington, D.C. couple just had their wedding officiated by Barack Obama.

Dana Remus, general counsel for the Obama Foundation, and Brett Holmgren, former special assistant to the 44th president, were married by Obama in D.C. over the weekend.

Holmgren said the one-of-a-kind ceremony came about by simply requesting the forever POTUS to serve as their wedding officiator.

Welp. Ask and you shall receive.

“We had decided to invite him because he was such an important part of our lives, we asked him if he could attend the wedding,” Holmgren said, according to the Washingtonian. “We also asked him if he could officiate, and he was intrigued with the idea.”

Obama received his marriage officiant license from D.C. and signed the couple’s marriage certificate.

His presence at the ceremony, much less his role as the officiant, was a surprise to the majority of the 120 wedding guests. The few who were given advance notice pledged not to share the information.

“He complimented them both on their work, on the type of people they were, threw in a tiny bit of humor. He spoke about how their work has been a service to the people and how the two of them complement each other. Very, very sincere remarks,” said Holmgren’s mother, Mary. “It came from his heart.”

“He stayed around a little bit for pictures with the family, but he did not want to detract from their day,” she continued. “It was a very, very exciting moment. Everybody who was there was just flabbergasted and amazed at just what a nice person he is.”