Kendrick Lamar Announces Album Release Date, Keeps Title Under Wraps

Here’s what we know about Kendrick Lamar’s new album, the follow-up to his modern classic LP good kid, m.A.A.d. city: It’s comprised of 16 songs (including the epic “The Blacker the Berry”), it includes social commentary, and it’s dropping on March 23. Two weeks from today.

The Compton lyricist activated our K Dot thirst on Friday afternoon (March 6), when he tweeted a link to an iTunes pre-order page for his upcoming project, the title and album artwork of which has yet to be released. (Veteran music journalist Elliott Wilson tweeted that, contrary to some reports, it’s not titled Untitled.) The track listing only reveals the aforementioned “Blacker” as track 13; no other titles or features are listed, suggesting that the 27-year-old MC’s Grammy-winning single “i” won’t be included in the set.

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Air From Kanye West Concerts Raking in Major Bids on eBay

Would you pay $60,000 for a bag of air? No? OK, how about 60 racks for a bag of air from the Yeezus Tour? Go ahead, we’ll give you a minute to think about it…

Some enterprising Kanye West fan thought up an eBay hustle to sell a sealed Ziploc bag allegedly containing the air from one of ’Ye’s Yeezus Tour shows. And people are actually placing bids. One seller received a bid for upwards of $60,000, prompting media attention and even a response from Kim Kardashian, who replied to a Daily Mail tweet about the sale with “WOW he can sell anything! Lol.” Details from one posting reads: “OFFICIAL air from Kanye West’s Yeezus tour!! More than 20 Ziploc bags available! Air taken from FRONT ROW SEATS; POSSIBLY CONTAINS KANYE’S BREATH!!!!”

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Chris Brown Going Back to Court For Child Support

We just found out about Chris Brown’s alleged 9-month-old daughter, Royalty, about a week ago, and now he’s taking her mother to family court. TMZ reports that the singer agreed to forking out substantially high child support payments under the condition that Nia Guzman, Royalty’s mom, kept their relationship under wraps. He now reportedly believes that she leaked the news about his child to the media, and in turn is seeking to have his payments lowered to a more income-appropriate amount. Guess that old saying still rings true: loose lips sink ships.

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