Kanye & Rick Ross + New Album

Despite all the drama in his church and the rumored marital issues with his wife, Pastor Ma$e is about to drop some new music that I’m sure won’t make it to the pulpit. He sat down with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 and chopped it up about his new single, “Billboards,” featuring Kanye West and Rick Ross. The track is from his upcoming album, which the ex Bad Boy said is scheduled for release in early October. He claims it’s the kind of record he would’ve unleashed right after Harlem World, had it not been for certain “stipulations.” Besides Ye and Ross, the album includes appearances from Puff and Dipset. (I guess ol’ Rev is never trying to step foot in a church again, because this sure sounds like an album full of sin.) And his congregation thought he was a hypocrite before…

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Prince Ditches Glastonbury Festival Over Social Media Rumors

Prince fans headed to England’s annual Glastonbury Festival were in for a real treat, according to the Michael Eavis, the festival’s founder. That is, until His Royal Badness caught wind that he was being advertised as the headlining act for the event on social media sites. Then he had a… moment, and dropped Glastonbury like a bad habit. But Eavis claims he and his team never put that bug out on the ’net. Instead, someone random started it up as a rumor and this made the Purple One very unhappy. (And this is exactly why Prince will never like the Internet.)

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Kanye West Talks to Students About Fashion for Community Service

Leave it up to Kanye West to turn court-appointed community service into a platform to rant about fashion. Yesterday, Ye visited L.A. Trade Technical College (LATTC) where he chitchatted about his favorite subject for three hours. (It was all part of the plea deal he took in March, when he was granted 250 hours of community service over a two-year probation period in the LAX paparazzi attack of July 2013). This is the third time Professor La Mode has lectured at LATTC in the past six weeks. (And with the way he loves to ramble about designers and clothes, I’m sure his 250 hours of community service is almost complete.) But the question is: who considers talking to students about designer clothes community service?

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