Two girls who attend an Indiana Christian school say they were being bullied by a male student because they’re Black, and their parents have said the school did nothing to stop it, according to Newsweek.

Alexander Wortham said that his daughter, Imani, began to act strangely and wanted to skip going to classes at Horizon Christian School in Indianapolis, according to WRTV.

“Silence is killing our young people,” he told the news station. “People not dealing with the issue. Not dealing with the problem and I think for us, as parents, enough is enough.”

Wortham, along with Dominique Duncan, parent of LaShanti, found out that their daughters were being bullied by the same male student who told them, “If the school ever gets shot up, you’ll be the first one to get shot.”

“He said he would sell me into slavery if I didn’t do what he said, and then he started making little jingles about slavery,” LaShanti told WRTV.

The parents of the bullied girls said they received an email from school officials saying the male student was suspended after they officially complained about the threats, but that he was allowed to return to class last week. The girls did not go to school last week because they were uncomfortable.

“We should be able to go to school and not feel threatened, scared or having to be on edge the whole time,” Imani told WRTV.