Bride: Farrah Desir

Groom: Abiola Oke

Wedding Date: 04/07/2012

Occupations: Abiola: Associate Vice President at Citigroup. Farrah: Senior Executive of Construction at YMCA

Location: Causey Contemporary Art Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Photographer:  The Amber Studio

Wedding Dress: Vera Wang

Hair: Mint

Make-up: Evguenia Kleimenova

The groom on his special day:

“The planning of this wedding was actually a pleasurable one. Farrah and I both have very similar tastes, so it was very easy to agree on things. The most important aspects of the planning for us were unconventionality and having a great time. By that I mean we really wanted to dance the night away, which we happily did.

“Farrah wore a black dress which was an expected surprise to many guests!

“Another pleasantry for the guests was experiencing the Nigerian custom of spraying money; a moment where the bride and groom dance, whilst guests spray them with money.”

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