Bride: Shirnelle Robinson

Groom: Morris Council

Wedding Date: 03/08/2014

Wedding Location: Buford Community Center, Town Park, and Theatre (Buford, GA)

Photography: Sophia Barrett Studios

Their wedding style: 

My wedding dress can be described as a Classic Vintage and Picturesque Gown with Beautiful Appliqués down the back. My jewelry was simple yet timeless. I wore diamond and peal earrings and bracelet by Ralph Lauren.

Their Incorporation of Culture:

We decided to do a tasting of the four elements of marriage in which Morris and I tasted four ingredients that represent the bitter, the hot, the sour, and the sweet parts of marriage. We also decided to jump the broom at the end of our ceremony.

The Most Memorable Moment:

Shirnelle: My best memory was seeing the reaction and emotion on my husband’s face when he saw me come down the aisle. I had never seen him look at me like that before.

Morris: My best memory was seeing my future wife come down the aisle. She was breathtaking!

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