Beauty tips for black women and home remedies are nothing new, but a strange new trend has hit the interwebs thanks to a YouTuber.

In a video titled, “Awesome Tips & Tricks on How To Use Vick’s Vapor Rub Part II, Atlanta-based resident Jocquelyn Hill aka Just Jocq on YouTube, shows viewers how to use the medicated ointment to grow their edges.

“Some viewers say they place it on their scalp and do a scalp massage, and that Vick’s VapoRub on their scalp stimulates the hair follicle,” she shares in the clip.

Just Jocq then details the process of how one of her viewers applies the ointment.

“She mixes Vick’s VapoRub, castor oil, and coconut oil and applies that to her scalp and hair. She says she’s retained and received a lot of hair growth from mixing Vick’s VapoRub and those items,” she says.

What an unlikely use for the hair growth solution but hey, we are here for it!

Watch Just Jocq’s video below.