What better way to start your day than to see the beautiful faces of Black people, of all ages, rolling down your timeline. Today is a special day, it’s #BlackOutDay, the 2nd anniversary of a powerful social movement. I could write all day about how this hashtag has helped me meet some of the coolest folks online, from all over the world. Or you can read up on our interview with the founders below.

Thank you Marissa Rei and nukirk for breaking down the movement for the EBONY team.

EBONY: What promoted the start of #BlackOutDay?

Two years ago, we noticed that there was lack of visibility and celebration of everyday Black people across social media and in mainstream spaces such as movies and television. We saw the need to create a positive space in which Black people could feel welcomed and beautiful. We wanted Black people to be able to connect with each other and be surrounded by Black excellence and beauty all up and down their social media profiles.

EBONY: Why do you think #BlackOutDay became such a huge social movement?

I think it’s because we appeared at a time where Black folks really needed a positivity movement. A lot of the conversations surrounding what it means to be a Black person in the current social climate were largely negative; anti-Black racism, police brutality, and near constant implications that Black features were undesirable had a lot of people down. We were tired, hurting.  A positive, widespread movement was sorely needed. It also doesn’t hurt that we have had a few notable Black celebrities use the tag that first day!

EBONY: Any big plans for the movement that we should be looking forward to? Will the project be taken offline?

We’re relaunching our website soon to feature more Black artists/businesses and are working on #BlackoutDay apparel to be launched in time for our next #BlackoutDay on June 6th. We’ll also be making an appearance at the Shorty Awards in April to see if we win Tumblr of the Year. Our long term goals do include taking the movement offline through #BlackoutDay meet-ups! We are hoping to secure more partnerships and sponsors to take the movement to the next level.

EBONY: What is the #BlackoutDay schedule?

#BlackoutDay happens four times a year! March 6th, June 6th, September 6th, and December 6th. We chose this schedule because some people wanted it to be once a year while other folks wanted it to be monthly. We compromised and decided to do quarterly. Since our anniversary is March 6th, quarterly means every three months from there until the end of the year.


Happy #BlackOutDay Ya’ll! 


Diahann “Dee” Williams is a photographer, writer, and Social Media Specialist for the EBONY brand. You can connect with her on Twitter & Instagram or DeexDee.com.