Festival season is upon us. And these outdoor venues with dirt terrains are not the place to wear your strappy 5-inch stiletto heels while you stand all day or push your way through masses of people to vibe out to your favorite musical artists. But that doesn't mean you can't be stylish while you're also being comfy and footwear sensible. If you're heading to New York's Governors Island's festies in June, slip on a chic pair of Dr. Martens rock-star clompers as you glamp around in the mud. If heading to Coachella, Sorel futuristic-looking sporty slides or a great way to showoff your fastidious pedi while swifting the crowds. Below, we've curated a selection of sandals, boots and sneakers to fit every festival style.

Aldo Valedar
Image: courtesy of Aldo

Aldo Valedar, $130, aldoshoes.com

Its all in the details: We love the black chain detail and rugged soles on these steel-toe boots.
Converse Run Star Hike Platform Sneakers
Image: courtesy of Converse.

Converse Run Star Hike Platform Sneakers, $110, converse.com

The elevated wedge bottom gives you the extra boost necessary for seeing over tall show-goer's heads.
Dr Martens Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots
Image: courtesy of Dr Martens.

Dr Martens Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots, $200, drmartens.com

Stomp the grounds in a chic pair of white Dr. Martens.
Arizona Love Trekky Red Platform Sporty Sandals
Image: courtesy of Arizona Love.

Arizona Love Trekky Red Platform Sporty Sandals, $193, arizonalove.store

These bandanna-strap clog sandals are perfect for open air fests.
Ash Pablo Boots
Image: courtesy of Ash.

Ash Pablo Boots, $352, ash.com

Pair these butterfly-print cowboy boots with cut-off denim shorts or a skimpy mini skirt.
Sorel Women's Kinetic Impact Sling Sandal
Image: courtesy of Sorel.

Sorel Women's Kinetic Impact Sling Sandal, $100, sorel.com   

The chartreuse color way and Manga-like cartoony sole give this sporty slide a futuristic edge.
Vans Checkerboard Slip-on
Image: courtesy of Vans.

Vans Checkerboard Slip-on, $60, vans.com

Checkered slip-on Vans are a go-to classic.