Chart-topping rapper Cardi B paid a visit to her alma mater, Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and Technology, in  in The Bronx, New York, earlier this week.

Cardi stopped by the classroom of one of her former teachers to discuss with students her journey and the power of believing in yourself with students.

“My teachers always told me, like, ‘Why are you not focusing? Why are you not taking these things seriously? You’re so smart!’” Cardi recounted. “And even when I left school, there were kids, like, smarter than me, with better grades than me – and the teachers always told me, like, ‘You’re gonna go far.’ And I felt that.”

In the second video (below), the rapper began to cry when speaking about the stress of her career. “After I left school, I’d really be thinking, like, ‘She was not lying. Like, this s**t is f**king hard.’”

According to the Jasmine Brand, the rapper’s school visit will air on CBS Sunday Morning on Dec. 9.