Beyoncé’s epic Coachella performance has inspired one California-based church to designate a full service to the Houston singer, with plans to hold ‘Beyoncé Mass’ next Wednesday, April 25th.

The Grace Cathedral in San Francisco will welcome fans of the songstress to their sanctuary to sing their favorite tunes by Mrs. Carter while discussing how her art has empowered Black women everywhere.

“We are not worshiping Beyoncé. A few media outlets have reported this in jest, and it’s been taken seriously by many,” clarifies Rev. Yolanda Norton, Assistant Professor of The Old Testament at San Francisco Theological Seminary. “We worship God at Grace, and none other. The medium is not the message. The medium is Beyoncé’s powerful songs, which give voice to Black female experience, exploring themes of spirituality, sexuality and agency.”

Rev. Norton continues, “The message is that Black women are made in the image of God, and deserve to be heard and lifted up everywhere – in churches, in the public square, etc. The Church hasn’t done a good job with that historically.”

While her first performance since giving birth to twins, Rumi & Sir, inspired the service and went on to break YouTube streaming records, the “Sorry” singer’s second performance for the festival will truly be an exclusive experience for her loyal BeyHive members in attendance, as it won’t be streamed, according to THR.

Would you attend a ‘Beyoncé Mass?’