Seasons are changing and it’s time to spice up the natural with a touch of color. SheaMoisture just may have the perfect solution for us with their first-ever hair color system called “The Art of Color”. Coloring hair, especially natural hair, can be a headache at times because most of the coloring systems include ingredients that makes our hair hard, brittle, and even causes it to break off. It’s nice to see that a company has been listening to our color woes— SheaMoisture has included some natural ingredients help give richer results.

They give us a sneak peak into the ingredients:

It boasts 12 moisture-rich hues, and offeres ammonia and sulfate-free hair color infused with natural ingredients including Soy Protein (helps strengthen hair by replenishing lost protein); Certified Organic Glycerin (aids in moisture retention); Flax Seed Oil (enhances shine and dimension) and Certified Organic Shea Butter.

Personally, I am excited to try out the hair color system. If these natural ingredients really aid to the various textures of natural hair, SheaMoisture really has a gold mine on their hands. This just may be the color treatment that we’ve been waiting for natural ladies. The treatment is also catered towards women with thinning hair as well.

Aside from enhancing texture, moisture, and protein to various textured hair, SheaMoisture seems to be committed to catering to all women with their creative packaging. The packaging will make you smile. We applaud SheaMoisture for taking the initiative to incorporate diversity in their color system. In a press release, Creative Director Jullanar Barron explains the artful take on the color system:

 “When creating the art for our new hair color packaging, it was important to us to represent our community in a way that encompasses all of our individualism and beauty.” Each hair color shade box features an original watercolor painting by artist Michael Jamal, commissioned by SheaMoisture. Barron adds, "I want women to see themselves in the hair color box art, not heavily Photoshopped and made-up models, who don’t speak to their uniqueness and personalities."

Natural women are definitely unique in our own right. The Color system is available in the following shades: Light Blonde, Medium Golden, Blonde, Dark Golden Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Medium Chestnut Brown, Reddish Blonde, Bright Auburn, Dark Auburn, Jet Black and Soft Black.

The color system launches in 400 select Target locations nationwide. Try it out naturalistas and let us know what you think on twitter @EBONYMag