Like a scene out of the Jetsons, you'll now not only be able to shop in online stores, but in music videos as well. The designer e-commerce site Ssense has recently teamed up with newcomer Iggy Azalea, an Australian female rapper, to bring you the first ever shoppable music video. Azalea's new video "I Think She Ready" will feature several people, including famed producer Diplo and hip hop star FKi, all of whom Ssense styled for the shoot. As seen in the stills for the video, which premieres today at 12PM EST, the video also features some pretty high-name brands including McQueen, Givenchy, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Rick Owens, and Preen. For viewers interested in purchasing something, they can click on any of the "Ssense hostspots" to snag the clothes straight from the computer to their own closet.

This new endeavor basically speaks to those frequent moments when viewers have often wished they could cop Beyonce's t-shirt or Rihanna's military hat from a video, but had no idea where to begin looking. Yet, high-name brands almost always mean high-end prices, which most video viewers might shy away from. Perhaps this endeavor would work best if alternative options similar to that $1000 purse were made available as well. Either way, we should definitely expect to see this platform used by the most trend setting artists soon enough.