"Smart is sexy," says Esther Armah.

That's the tagline for her new, soon-to-be radio show; a one-hour weekly syndicated program featuring 20 brilliant women of color (including EBONY.com Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux) from the worlds of academia, art, activism and journalism. Close your eyes and imagine your airwaves flooded with quality perspective from Black women perfectly poised to take on and talk up critical subjects including: social justice, politics, culture, policy, gender, race, and, of course, love. The show emerges just as the Women's Media Center releases its third annual report The Status of Women in the US Media 2014 confirming that there are, indeed, too few women of color on cable news shows, or on the mic exerting influence or wielding power.

THE SPIN hopes to change that reality. This all-women media panel aims to tackle the big issues of the day with the same authority as Sunday morning news shows long dominated by straight, White men (*yawns*).

Armah, a radio veteran herself, says her goal is to, "shift the lens, transform the conversation, create a counter-narrative. I want to gather brilliant masters in their own fields, hear them in multiple markets. We went from a segment with two commentators (Dr. Stacey Patton, scholar and author, and April Silver, writer and activist) to a rostrum of 20 powerhouse women. I've also created a partnership with the African American Public Radio Consortium and its Founding Executive Director, Loretta Rucker, who has a partnership with NPR—which is where the show is recorded. The show will be distributed to 70 stations across the country. The aim is to have a vast audience, but in order to protect the independent content, we need your support."

Listen to pilot episode the here.

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