While social media grants us all the opportunity to freely express ourselves, it’s probably best not to talk smack about a person who you recently went out with, especially if there’s a good chance of him or her finding out.

Well one guy didn’t listen …and he got played.

This man decided to post a subliminal message on Facebook offering “sum tips” to women when going out on a date.

“Ladies…Ladies… Let me give you sum tips. If a man offers to take you out on a date for the first time, don’t get in the restaurant ordering s*** YOU wouldn’t normally buy yourself. $20 Martini’s and $30 plus entrees, you know damn well you wouldn’t typically get that unless it was your damn birthday lol… Some of you just run the hell out I swear. SMH”

View image of the status and subsequent convo posted by The Shade Room below.


Well, not much would’ve been wrong with this status IF buddy had actually paid for the date he’d gone on with the woman who he appears to be subliminally putting on blast.

date image

Of course buddy wasn’t gonna let that slide without a response …

date disaster

Whooo child. This got ugly real quick.

Passive aggressive behavior rarely results in true change. And it looks like buddy found out why more direct communication (if this status was in fact about this woman), yields greater results.

This incident also reminds us of a very important lesson: ladies, always keep your receipts (literally and figuratively)!