But it's not political correctness that's the problem, it's stupidity, the type that caves into that identity-eating online ouroboros to a point where the dek in an article against political correctness begs seriously that a White man—who wrote, in 2013, for a national outlet, that he "didn't think very hard about the Iraq occupation"—be able to speak in peace. It's the type that goes into an article so fatuous that it ends with the sentence "The historical record of American liberalism, which has extended social freedoms to Blacks, Jews, gays, and women, is glorious" and speaks out against dissent-stiflers by attempting to stifle dissent.

"Politics in a democracy is still based on getting people to agree with you, not making them afraid to disagree," states Chait. Well, I agree with that statement. Punditry in a democracy is apparently also still based on White men who can't stand their opinions to be read through a lens of race and gender, but perhaps they should get used to it—it's the place where the rest of us have been forced to sort through the madness in service of progressive goals that we do not threaten to abandon, and carve out an intelligent living for years.