A hip-hop radio station in Detroit has announced that it is pulling Kanye West music off airwaves after his comments about slavery earlier this week, The Washington Post reports. Not only will the rapper’s personal music be removed, but this also includes songs he is featured on and ones he has produced.

Shay Shay and BiGG, the hosts of 105.1 The Bounce’s morning show, went live on Facebook Thursday morning to discuss their decision to stop be playing West’s music.  They believe ‘Ye has gone too far with his most recent comments. The station is of the opinion that it is “reckless” and “irresponsible” for West to use his platform to promote false information or harmful ideology.

“Why can’t we make a statement?  . . . ‘I don’t want to hear Kanye right now. I don’t want to play his music; I don’t want to hear him on our show,'” Shay Shay said.

“As of this moment, we will #MuteKanye on the Morning Bounce, and we will not play any of Kanye West’s music, music that he’s featured on, music that he raps on, none of his throwbacks. We are banning Kanye West’s music from this radio station,” BiGG added.

It was not a choice the station made on its own. The co-hosts asked callers to weigh-in on muting West and although there were people who did not agree, the majority of listeners were in favor of banning the music.

You can listen to the discussion in the video above.