By the time Gina Grant reached her 19th birthday, she was a single mother of three children.

"It was extremely challenging. I didn't have support from their fathers. I had three children by two different men," Grant told EBONY. "I know the struggle and I said that if I made it and became successful, I would give back to other women who had a journey like myself."

With the support of her parents, who pushed her to "make something" of herself and provide a good life for her children, Grant went on to launch a successful career in marketing and public relations as well as her Dallas-based media agency, Women That Soar. Now, she's upholding the vow that she made many years ago to uplift other single mothers. Her investment into the single mother community within Dallas, Texas comes by way of a new docu-series Overcomers by Women That Soar. Throughout the series, five featured moms will participate in a program, which offers life-enhancing resources such as financial literacy and life coaching. At the end of the series, each mom who demonstrates growth and meets the expectations outlined by the program will be gifted with a home that is worth $250,000.

"We can build wealth. Imagine giving a $250,000 house to a mother free and clear. She can then leave that home to her child," said Grant.

"But it's not just about the homes, Grant emphasized. "It's about the growth and lasting change that will impact generations to come. "The intended outcome was to take these women on a journey and show that if anyone is given the right tools and resources in life and they have the determination, you can overcome any obstacle and we can change the trajectory of what's going on in this country," she expressed before discussing one of the show's contestants, Vicki. "When we met Vicki, she hadn't had a job in 11 years. She thought she'd never have a job. She had been on government assistance. Now Vicki is thriving. She's working and she's going back to school."

At the crux of the series is the generous support system established between the moms "I have loved getting to know them and bonding with them and their children," said Grant, who serves as the show's executive producer.

Currently, Overcomers by Woman That Soar is being shopped around to different networks. "We're excited about the possibilities of where we're landing. We have a couple of options," Grant said of the series.

With expansion already on her mind, Grant says that the program will eventually be opened up to mothers outside of Dallas as well. "It will always be in cities that are impoverished and need the change," she said.