It’s time for you to raise your voice.

We want to know if you have survived a sexual assault. And we want to know what you think about rape in the African-American community.

When it comes to sexual violence, too often Black perspectives are left out of the national conversation. In government and academic surveys, people of color have been underrepresented. Some media outlets are quick to present a distorted picture of the issue. Violations of Black women and girls are trivialized or dismissed. Black men are disproportionately portrayed as assailants. Equally as disturbing, it’s rare to have a forum for addressing solutions to the scourge of rape and sexual assault in a way that’s culturally relevant to African Americans.

To us, your opinion matters. You matter.

Tell us your thoughts by responding to this survey and make sure your friends and family do, too. As you answer the questions you can compare your thinking to the rest of the EBONY family. (Also, after you finish, be sure to read, “What is Rape, Really?” because it just may change some of your answers.)


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