Eddie Murphy

Movie star Eddie Murphy is reportedly bringing "Beverly Hills Cop" out of the Hollywood vault and onto television sets around the country. Having starred as Axel Foley in the hugely successful three-film BHC franchise, Murphy is scouring the television industry with "The Shield" producer Shawn Ryan and Sony Pictures Television, pitching a BHC reboot series to several network executives. As Murphy hinted at in a magazine interview earlier this year, the reboot would center on Foley's son, with Foley being Detroit chief of police. 

Recent reports describe the series concept as "a buddy cop show… an hourlong crime procedural with strong comedic elements," although Murphy would only appear in the show's pilot. Between the wildly popular success of "The Shield" as well as the $735 million grossed by the BHC franchise, Murphy and Ryan should have no problem getting their project the green light.

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