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50 Cent Reveals Why He Fell Out With Dr. Dre

Ever since 50 Cent, Eminem and Dr. Dre formed the three-headed monster of G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath, Fif’ and ’em have shared one of rap’s greatest bromances. On the other hand, the Queens MC might feel the same way about Dre as Big Sean does about Naya Rivera. Along with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, Fiddy appeared on The Breakfast Club this week to speak about how his relationship with the hip-hop legend was strained.

“For a long time, I was a New York Knick player in the middle of a L.A. locker room,” 50 said. “You have to realize, Interscope was the West coast when it was east coast/west coast going on. I never really saw them respond properly to Game’s disrespect [to 50] because they had some sort of allegiance to the West and I didn’t understand it. I was like, ‘You know I wrote the [Game] records?’ ” With zero chill, he added that Suge Knight had intentions of killing Dr. Dre.

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Chris Rock Calls Jackie Robinson Biopic 42 ‘A Piece of Sh-t’

In a highlight from Chris Rock’s hilarious Top Five flick, his fictional counterpart with a fractured funny bone returns to stand-up comedy to see if he’s still got it. Now that the December 2014 film is headed to DVD (already?), a deleted scene that goes in on Jackie Robinson biopic 42 has hit the Internets.

“I thought it was a piece of sh*t,” says Rock of the 2013 Chadwick Boseman-starred movie, in character as Top Five’s Andre Allen. “They try to make it seem like he got to play because he was so good — like he was the first Black man that actually learned how to play baseball. Like all the Black people before him were just licking the ball.” Rock then targets Hollywood’s ubiquitous White savior archetype. “Any civil rights movie, there’s two heroes. There’s the Black hero… and the White person who’s equally as important,” he says in the IGN-premiered clip, referring to Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey, who signed Robinson. It’s not clear if Allen’s scripted quips reflect Rock’s true feelings about 42, but a lot of truth is said in jest. Top Five drops on DVD on March 17.

Read it at The Hollywood Reporter.

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Method Man Doesn’t Think You Should Wait 88 Years for Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

Want to know how Method Man really feels about The Wu: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the cryptic Wu-Tang Clan album that may not be sold commercially for at least 88 years, due to copyright law? Well, ask him. “F-ck that album,” Meth told XXL, upon discovering the legal stipulation. “I was cool with sh*t. But now, this is ridiculous. Eighty-eight years, really? If that sh*t is true, that sh*t is stupid.” He continued, insisting that fans deserve to receive the project that is said to feature Cher. “Give it to the people. If they want to hear the sh*t, let them have it. Give it away free. I don’t give a f*ck; that ain’t making nobody rich or poor. Give the f*cking music out. Stop playing with the public, man.”

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