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‘Insecure’ Fans Start Petition to Bring Back Jay Ellis’ Character, Lawrence

It looks like the #LawrenceHive isn’t taking his removal from the world of Insecure lightly, as fans have created a petition to bring back the character played during Seasons One and Two by Jay Ellis.

The petition not only asks showrunners to bring Lawrence back but also for HBO to consider giving him his own spin-off.

“Over the past two seasons, Jay Ellis has portrayed the conflicted and realistic ways Lawrence has dealt with difficult and rarely explored issues for men such as infidelity, male friendship, depression, and toxic masculinity.

“We want Lawrence back on Insecure — but if he can’t come back then HBO should give him HIS OWN SHOW! Sign the petition to make sure HBO hears from every Insecure and Jay Ellis fan right now.”

Over 10,000 people have signed the petition thus far, and show creator Issa Rae even retweeted a screenshot of it after it came across her timeline.

Unfortunately for Ellis fans, Insecure‘s third season has already been filmed, and Rae confirmed her on-screen ex would not be returning. Hey, there’s always hope for Season Four!

Check out the petition at


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