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Kehlani Speaks Up for Women Accused of Lying About Abuse


Kehlani is speaking out on behalf of domestic violence victims, saying it is truly a disgrace that many of them are ridiculed for speaking up about the abuse they have suffered. Although she doesn’t drop any names, many believe she is referring to fellow songstress Kelis;  fans of her ex-husband, Nas, have called her a liar for publicly accusing the “Made You Look” MC of physically abusing her during their marriage.

“To deny a victim of her abuse is the continuation of the abuse and it’s the worst thing you could possibly ever do. it’s not even salt in the wound it’s a new wound in the wound,” Kehlani stated on Twitter. “Like, a man makes some music u liked once in time or a clothing line or something that impressed your simple ass and all of a sudden there’s just NO WAY he could’ve EVER been abusive or wrong……miss the f*ck outta me.”

When asked to be more specific, the “Honey” simger said the situation, unfortunately, applies to many different couples. She also believes victims shouldn’t be forced to speak on their abuse immediately or otherwise go ignored.

“You can’t tell nobody how much time it takes to heal or feel safe. someone people don’t ever feel safe ever again. this that sh*t.”

Check out the tweets below.

Kelis recently accused Nas of abusing her throughout much of their relationship, saying Rihanna’s incident with Chris Brown spoke to her because she was literally bruised up herself when that news broke.


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