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LisaRaye McCoy Keeps It Real on ‘Uncensored’

The former first lady of Turks and Caicos holds nothing back when talking about the reason behind her failed marriage to the prime minister and how her appearance in a 2Pac video became a turning point in her career.

Courtesy of TV One

Chicago native LisaRaye McCoy will be at the center of the next episode of Uncensored, TV One’s provocative autobiographical docuseries, which airs Sunday nights.

The Single Ladies actress grew up with her mother and highly successful businessman father in a seemingly picture-perfect household filled with luxury. After the tragic 1988 murder of her father, McCoy left the Windy City and came to understand the hardships her mother had to endure. She relocated to Los Angeles with her young daughter in search of better opportunities and to pursue an acting career. It wasn’t long before she established herself as one of the premiere music video girls and eventually landed her first movie role with Ice Cube in the hit film The Players, which ultimately made her a household name. 

The star of TV One reality show Lisa Raye: The Real McCoy, which aired for two seasons beginning in 2010, doesn’t hold back on the Uncensored episode, saying actor Duane Martin, whom she considered a friend and “brother,” was the cause of the breakup of her marriage to Turks and Caicos Prime Minister Michael Misick. She also candidly tells the story of appearing in videos, particularly 2Pac’s Toss It Up, which became a turning point in her acting career.

Today, McCoy is following in her father’s footsteps and focusing on several business ventures, proving that audiences haven’t seen the last of her just yet.

Don’t miss the “real” McCoy episode of Uncensored, airing Sunday, October 20 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m CT.


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