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Wendy Williams Breaks Down Over Racism in America (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Wendy Williams came near tears while discussing racism in America. The entertainment personality was sharing her paranoia living as a Black woman as she gave her take on The View co-host Sunny Hostin’s brush with racism on July Fourth.

Hostin and her family were harassed and called the n-word by a group of teens at a beach front property in Sag Harbor, New York. After recounting the story, Williams began choked up and tried to deflect her tears speaking about the constant thoughts of potential racial tension in her own life.

“Every day I go home,” she said as she covered her face. “I look – I look – to see if there’s going to be a cross burned or whatever, and we live in a very nice community. I can’t even look at you while I talk about this!”

She continued, “I have no reason to be wondering about that, except that I’m Black in America,” Williams explained. “And even though I have a good job and [I’m] on TV and stuff doesn’t mean crap.”

The Daytime Emmy-winner also revealed the fear she has for her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., when he goes outside.

Listen Williams speaking about racism at the 17:20 mark in the video below.


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