Black is beautiful, and there are numerous ways to enhance your gorgeous skin. Have a few problem areas? We consulted some of our trusted makeup maestros to break down the simple cosmetics tricks that will help you put your best face forward.

Tip #1
Get Wow Brows
Sparse brows are a common issue usually developed from over plucking or waxing. For a natural-yet-groomed look, opt for a lightweight eyebrow powder. Powders are more sheer than pencils, and you can fill in brows more precisely.

Tip #2
Meet Your Match
Finding your perfect foundation is not as difficult as it used to be. “Visit your local Fashion Fair counter so the beauty advisers can consult you on the perfect foundation that best suits your needs,” suggests global creative director of Fashion Fair Cosmetics Tia Dantzler. Whether you opt for traditional powders and liquids that create a luminous glow or prefer a modern matte finish, there’s something for everyone.

Tip #3
Hide Hyperpigmentation
Most commonly found on the cheeks, dark spots are usually the result of acne scars or untreated blemishes. “To disguise [dark spots], I love using color corrector (which adds color, brightens and evens out the skin) first so that the hyperpigmented or scarred area is the same tone as the rest of the face,” says celebrity makeup artist Mimi Kamara.

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