A former White House staffer got an unexpected visit from the New York Police Department at his apartment on Friday after neighbors called the police, saying he was burglarizing his new home, PIX 11 reports.

Darren Martin streamed his encounter with the NYPD on Instagram after police received a call about a “burglary in progress.”

“I’m in my apartment, but you know, you can’t go nowhere without the cops following me,” Martin said on the live video stream. “Somebody called the cops on me in my own building. About how many are ya’ll? About six of ya’ll showed up, rolled up on me.”



Martin spent years working on Capitol Hill and for the Obama administration before moving to New York City for a new job.

“I didn’t really think anyone was going to call the cops on me because, I mean, I was moving into the building,” he said.

A dispatcher can be heard in the video saying a call was received about someone with a “possible weapon” was “trying to break in the door.”

Martin said he was not surprised that the police were called. “As a Black man, when you’re in an all-White environment, you’re cognizant of that,” he told PIX 11. “I have to say I found it kinda symbolic. [It’s] like welcome to the neighborhood.”

Investigators later cleared Martin, saying he did nothing wrong.