The beginning of every New Year forces us to reflect on the good and the bad, and take into account what could be done better in the future. Here are 10 items you should start adding and replacing in your wardrobe for 2014.

Daniel Wellington – Classic Sheffield ($229,

Aren’t you tired of wearing that colorful G-shock with your button-downs and blazers? You should be. Here’s a more grown-up option by Daniel Wellington: a classic design with watch faces available in rose gold or silver, and a plethora of watchband colors for you folks who love to switch up in the warmer months. 

1969 Japanese Selvedge Slim Fit Jeans ($98,

I beg of you, no more jeans with crazy designs on the back pockets. I’ll admit, at one point I thought they were cool. But dragons, red and green stripes, or a big fat logo (even worse) just doesn’t do it. Your jeans should fit well and be of the best quality you can afford. Gap keeps it nice and simple with these selvedge slim-fit jeans, and we couldn’t ask for more. 

The Slim-Fit Oxford ($55,

If someone put a gun to your head and told you to pick one shirt in your closet to keep, this should be the one you go with. An all-white Oxford is the epitome of class and versatility, and without question looks good on everyone. We’re digging this one by Everlane, affordable with a tailored fit.

Todd Snyder’s Champion Sweatpant ($150,

Every day won’t require your freshest of fits, especially weekend morning errand runs. But we’re not suggesting you look like a total slob either. A number of brands have breathed life back into sweatpants, making them an acceptable choice for a stylish look of the day. Our favorite pair by far is by Todd Snyder and his collaboration with Champion. It’s masculine and timeless, and the quality is second to none.

Italian Silk Knit Tie ($59.50,

Two words: knit tie. When you’re in the process of rebuilding your wardrobe, there’s nothing more important than having pieces that are interchangeable and can be worn with other pieces. Since you’ll want a tie for any occasion, that means date night as well as office appropriate. The knit tie by J.Crew is a no-brainer.

Alligator Engine-Buckle Belt ($1,750,

We know: this belt is outrageously out of the average American man’s budget. We just wanted to play around and dream a bit. In my opinion, there’s nothing more refined than a belt with a plaque buckle. Now an alligator belt with a plaque buckle just ups the ante, like this one by Ralph Lauren. Wear this with a simple suit and it adds character. Wear it with something a bit more casual, and you still look dressed up. You just can’t lose with this belt. (Well, besides your 1,800 bucks.) 

White Oxford Shirt Double Cuff ($99,

Okay, so you got the casual Oxford, but sometimes you might have to throw on something a little more formal. Like an actual dress shirt. The newly hip retailer Suitsupply has taken the fashion world by storm with their endless amount of options for the everyday gent. You’ll almost feel like it’s bespoken, but for a third of the price. This double-cuff selection will allow you to flex some sartorial muscle, so get your cufflinks ready.

Edison Chukka ($248,

Why Chukka boots? You can’t wear sneakers everywhere, and wingtips can be a little too formal at times; you’ll need an in-between option. Get a pair of Chukkas, and wear them to the movies, to the office, to a client meeting, maybe even to the bedroom. (That last one was joke. Don’t do that.)

Ray-Ban Wayfarers ($135,

Please don’t call them hater blockers, stunna shades or anything other than sunglasses if you’re over the age of 25. Why? First of all, they’re timeless. Secondly, they fit just about everyone’s face. And lastly, they’re freakin’ Ray-Bans. 

Grant Houndstooth Suit Blazer ($425,

This is the most important item you can purchase when rebuilding your wardrobe. If you don’t have a well-fitting navy blazer in your repertoire, you may want to redefine your idea of “grown ass man.” Club Monaco has a mean selection of blazers at a slightly affordable price. My personal advice: shop out of season. You won’t always have to drop $425, but this was a perfect look for the idea at hand.