Over the past few years, there has been a spotlight on plus size fashion—and rightfully so! New designers are emerging and shedding the style limiting stigmas put upon plus size women from the media and world at large. As plus size designers create and innovate, eager creative business minds are forming a cottage industry that spawns opportunity and options in this emerging space.

This is where Full Figured Fashion Week(FFFWeek) comes in.

What’s this, you ask? A week of fashion, beginning June 16th and ending the 21st, that includes festivities, networking and shopping with New York City’s curvy girl elite. It’s is a plus size fashion Mecca catering to the fashionably underserved.

In addition to runway shows and previews of next season’s strongest looks, FFFWeek™ is also is a movement of empowerment. Orchestrated by Gwen DeVoe, herself a plus size pioneer and someone who has worked with passion, a sense of community, and a drive to elevate others, FFFWeek™ challenges women to step up, take back, and redefine plus size fashion—from the inside out.

The panels, workshops, competitions and parties, draw fashion lovers from across around the world, so if you want to attend, move fast!

To learn more about the 2014 Full Figured Fashion Week events, please visit FFFWeek.com and follow them on Twitter at @fffweek.

If you know you’re going to be in town for the festivities, hit me on Twitter too!

-Marie Denee