During an interview for a Vanity Fair profile, Gabrielle Union credited If Beale Street Coult Talk actress Regina King with saving her life.

Union said she almost drowned in a riptide during a snorkeling trip and King, her longtime friend, did not hesitate to rescue her.

"But when I say she literally saved my life that day, she literally saved my life that day; that's who she is," the Being Mary Jane star said.

She poked fun at the way the entertainment industry is known to pit women, especially women of color, against one another. Union joked that a "different" Black actress would have let her drown.

“There are very few people that everybody categorically f**ks with—and Regina is just one of those people,” Union said.

After nearly 30 years in Hollywood, King has garnered that reputation with many of her peers and fans. Because of her honorable persona, many are excited about her Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the Barry Jenkins-directed film.