On the eve of spring, let your femininity run wild. Highlight your softer side with the glamorous curls of yesteryear. Billie Holiday, Dorothy Dandridge and Donna Summer show us how to work the sweetheart look with any length.


Donna Summer’s big, brazen ‘do is not for the shy. Her long, luxurious mane requires sass and a serious bundle of extensions. Try the look with two-toned tresses, punching up your crown with rich auburn highlights and saturating lower tresses with a dark brown hue. Opt for big curls and loose waves with your sew-in or half wig, which is a quick, fun option for this look


Dorothy Dandridge’s most iconic photos feature the darling with short locks, but her shoulder-length curls were amazing. The fullness of a look like this can be achieved by first using a large barrel curling iron to create huge, looping curls. Before curling, make sure to add in a middle or side part, if desired. For volume, set your fresh curls on huge rollers for a few hours. Use a paddle brush to gently create a fluffy mane.


Take a cue from Lady Day and smooth back edges, keeping most of the volume up top. Curl your top tresses in the direction of either side and use your fingers or a wide-tooth rake to create a soft wavy coif. You may also want to consider raking your tresses forward. Modernize the singer’s signature gardenia by affixing several petals on the side of your ‘do, as opposed to the entire flower. Make sure the stems are intact and use small bobby pins to secure.

Kimberly Walker