Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate just came off of one of the best weeks of his life after marrying his love, Elise. The pair had a luxurious wedding down in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, complete with 250 guests, a yacht party, a karaoke night, beach parties, and of course, the nuptials.

After enjoying such an awesome week of fun and love in the sun, Tate is currently trending on Twitter not because of his beautiful wedding or his skills on the field. Instead, the NFL star is catching a bit of heat on the social media network because he and his wife were photographed in a couple of Make America Great Again hats….yup those hats Donald Trump rocked (and sold) during his presidential campaign.

The image of Tate and his bride in the red hats caught the ire of many on Twitter, who wondered if the move meant the baller was a Trump supporter.

Others likened the image to Jordan Peele’s Get Out, in which Black folks get brain-jacked by seemingly well-meaning Whites.

The tweets are all bad for Tate. He won support by Trump fans, who commended the NFL player’s commitment to #MAGA (Make America Great Again).

Whether Tate is a Trump supporter or not remains to be seen. However, this is just the latest reminder that in the Trump era, almost everything is political.


Golden Tate responded on Twitter, insisting that he isn’t a Trump supporter and did not sport the hat over the weekend, though he did admit to wearing it last year.