Halle Berry is still winning. After pulling double duty starring in her directorial debut, Bruised, to close out last year, she is now back with the studio film Moonfall where she is pivotal to saving the world. That all of this is happening 20 years after she made history as the first Black woman and first woman of color to win the Best Actress Oscar for playing Leticia Musgrove in Monster’s Ball is most amazing!

Berry is still breaking barriers as the role was originally written for a man. The film's synopsis follows: as the earth faces destruction, NASA executive, former astronaut, and mother of one Jocinda “Jo” Fowler joins forces with her one-time friend and fellow astronaut Brian Harper and amateur moon expert KC Houseman to stop it.

In conversation with EBONY, the Oscar winner and beloved star breaks down her “versatility” as an actress, what it is like representing Black women in STEM, and how she relates to playing a working mother.