african american woman working out

What’s a Good Workout Routine?

What may be a good workout for your best friend may not be a good one for you. Follow the advice in this August 2014 article to learn how to determine the best way for you to get fit.

How Going GLuten-Free Changed My Life repost 12.17.19

How Going Gluten-Free Changed My Life

Many more people than once thought have an intolerance to gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains. Discover how her intolerance affected the author of this May 2014 article and how changing her diet made all the difference in the world.

9 Habits That Lift the Soul

The celebrated minister and author of this reposted May 2012 article offers advice on practices that restore our minds, bodies and souls.


Yoga and Black Men: Why Brothers Should Make the Stretch

Though yoga may not be seen as somthing practiced by many Black people, and men in particular, one brother extols its virtues in this reposted October 2016 article.

Holiday Happiness: Will You Fake It or Make It?

For some, this festive time of year is dreaded, not joyful. Learn how to best deal with holiday anxiety in this revisited December 2016 article.

4 Tips for Fitness Burnout

[GET LIFE] 4 Tips for Fighting Fitness Burnout

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall behind in your exercise regime because you just don’t feel like dong it. Take the advice of a fitness pro on how to overcome in this revisited October 2013 article.

The Other Diabetes: Being Young and Living With the Disease repost 11.26.19

The Other Diabetes: Being Young and Living With the Disease

During November, National Diabetes Awareness Month, we are reposting articles such as this one from November 2015 that focus on the disease.

Why You Need Fats in Your Diet 11.19.19

Why You Need Fats in Your Diet

All fats in food are not created equal, and some are essential to a healthy diet says the author of this revisited September 2014 article.

3 Ways to Deal With Fall and Winter Blues

For many people, the lack of sunlight during the year’s coldest months brings on a form of depression, which can be lessened with the tips in this revisited December 2017 article.

The Main Food You Should Be Eating for a Healthier Gut 11.14.19

The Main Food You Should Be Eating for a Healthier Gut

Here’s another reason your mom insists you eat your vegetables, one in particular.