When Bosco sings to you, sweetly, to keep her name out your mouth over a sick house beat… just go ahead and drop into the splits and do as you’re told. Because resistance is futile. Her infectious “Names,” a featured single from brilliant house producer-of-the-moment Treasure Fingers, is accompanied by a stylized, pseudo-glitchy video that may remind ’80s-babies of those crazy-huge Beta cassettes your parents used to watch Purple Rain and Playboy’s Naked Workout on.

For the Savannah, Georgia native, née Brittany Bosco, a bold move to New York City from her previous musical home-base of Atlanta meant a reboot of everything. She adopted a shorter, single-name moniker, switched up her personal style (ginger-blonde braids twisted into Bantu knots or worn loose replacing her formerly straight, jet-black hair), and moved away from her “oft-described as neo-soul” sound toward a more millennial-friendly house/R&B/chillwave hybrid.

These changes have been refreshing for Bosco, who’s delivered edgy, soulful music and a killer fashion sense ever since she first hit the indie scene in 2008. “It was time to make things uncomfortable again and create a struggle where I could fight to the top,” says the singer. “Oftentimes, artists find themselves in a certain routine for inspiration, or should I say, ‘stuck in their ways.’ I needed a way out. I needed to become a stranger again to the world.”

The nath Bosco wears—a dangling, bejeweled Hindi nose ring extending from her pierced nose to her pierced left ear—is a look probably soon to be jacked by a thousand street-style blogs. For the former fashion design major, “Style is all about the vibe,” she says. “Fashion is the umbrella or vehicle that drives it. I’ve always been into weird things and interesting shapes. Eighty percent of my wardrobe is made up of thrift treasures and brands/friends that I support. Wearing their clothes gives me a sense of responsibility to carry on the integrity of the garment or their legacies. It’s all about individuality at the end of the day.”

Individuality, great style and a fun, new sound all make this musician an INTRODUCING pick for the indie artist to check for this fall. So press play, kick off your factory-fresh Lebron 12s and lose your blues to Bosco’s “Names.”—Sun Singleton

Download “Names” right now on iTunes and Beatport, and discover more of Bosco’s music. Check out her very cool visuals on FacebookTwitter, and at her interactive website, hellobosco.com.

Sun Singleton is a Northern Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.