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There’s something big and intimate to Cleveland P Jones’s voice. The 38-year-old South Carolina native has a familiar distinction that pulls listeners in and keeps us humming the melody to his Ahmed Sirour-produced “Sensitive” (off the forthcoming album, Fragments of a Broken Heart). While subtle power and clarity are key elements to his voice, Jones’s ability to surround himself with good musicianship is equally important. Like many independent singers, Cleveland pens his own lyrics, and we are the better for it; Jones tracks like “Free Yard Sale” are both insightful and memorable.

A friend put me on to Cleveland P Jones, knowing I’m a fan of great music. Jones definitely delivers, and I am fan. With singles under his belt like “Sensitive,” “Nature Boy” and “Mamas Baby Boy” (with the UK’s Elliott Macauley), Cleveland is preparing us for his 2013 debut. Could the Berklee College of Music grad really be heir to the legacy of Donny Hathaway and Ray Charles? Listen for yourself. — Tai Allen

Cleveland P Jones’s free live performance downloads are available here at ClevelandJones1.bandcamp.com and soundcloud.com/ClevelandPJones.

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