Ever since this dredlocked, doe-eyed rapper from Jamaica, Queens first dropped “Femcee,” Dynasty has impressed hip-hop’s most revered shot-callers. Upon first listen, legendary Gang Starr producer DJ Premier immediately saw in Dynasty a star for a new rap era. He reached out and asked Dynasty to rock a party live with him, which eventually led to him placing “Femcee” on a mixtape, and soon after producing her fantastic debut album, Epic Dynasty.

To quote Preemo himself: “Dynasty brought back the skill of female emceeing while looking beautiful at the same time. She smiles at you, but her vocal delivery is ‘mean and hardcore,’ with the attack of a female lion.” Dynasty’s unique vibe is a counterpoint of playful and slick with thoughtful and womanly-wise, à la Lauryn Hill. And much like Hill, Dynasty’s power is also subtly magnetic.

Now living in Tampa, Florida and signed to the Germany-based Jakarta Records, Dy describes her sophomore project A Star in Life’s Clothing as a “very well-rounded experience—a hip-hop/soul album. I’m touching on a range of topics from growing up without a father to destroying an MC on the mic, to love. And yup, there’s even some sexiness in there.”

Talib Kweli, another big Dynasty fan, appears on the Jinx-produced “Stay Shinin’,” a duet that’s two minutes and some seconds of pure spitfire. Watch Dynasty’s video and you’ll probably agree, you gotta bow down and “respect the queen from Queens!”—Sun Singleton

You can keep up with Dynasty’s movement on yagirldy.com and check her out on her multi-city European tour beginning in February. Follow her on Twitter at @yagirldynasty.

Sun Singleton is a Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.

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