Our favorite sassy and sexy actress/producer is set to be back on the big screen, starring in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. Set to release in theaters June 8th, Pinkett-Smith stars alongside Chris Rock (The Zebra) and Ben Stiller ( The Lion), in the popular trilogy.

EC: We’re so excited to see you back at it with Madagascar 3! Are you excited to be back behind the mic as Gloria the Hippo?

JP: Yes! It’s a lot of fun and it’s always a good story. I love animations!

EC: Is it much easier getting into character for an animated film as opposed to a human psyche?

JP: I mean, one of the great things about doing animation is that you get to come to the studio and there’s no hair or makeup. You just roll in there, say your lines, maybe for an hour or two, and then you roll out until the next session.

EC: Do you find it tedious?

JP: It’s not tedious, but its not easy.

EC: But is it at least more fun?

JP: It’s a lot of fun! I would say that it’s different, in the sense that, when you’re doing the regular films, you have your whole body as your instrument. But here, you only have your voice. So you have to trust your creative team to create the gestures and facial expression that fit what you’re trying to convey.

EC: You and Will have both done animated movies. Do you see Willow and Jaden doing them as well?

JP: It’s funny because Willow did a small role in Madagascar 2; she played little Gloria. It was really small. But she just got offered a role to do an animation voice. Not quite sure if she is going to do it, but she does want to do more animation voice.

EC: Are you as sassy and witty as Gloria is real life?

JP: I would say it’s Jada on steroids [Laughs]! That’s how I would express who Gloria is. She’s just so sassy!