Former Tulsa, Oklahoma cop Betty Jo Shelby, who killed an unarmed Terence Crutcher last September, will have the shooting expunged from her record.

Shelby was acquitted of manslaughter in Crutcher’s shooting in May. According to KOTV, Shelby requested the killing be expunged from her record and her wish was granted by a local judge.

“Like any other citizen who is acquitted, Betty Jo Shelby was entitled to have her record sealed and expunged,” Shelby’s attorney Shannon McMurray said on Wednesday. “Betty … continues to work to try and serve her community and prays for everyone’s continued healing.”

“This crime does not exist for employment application purposes,” McMurray continued.

With the exception of government and law enforcement officials, in order for anyone to look into the case, they must petition to do so.

Tulsa World reports Shelby was on the road responding to a domestic violence call when she went to investigate a parked SUV blocking traffic. The vehicle belonged to Crutcher. Crutcher began moving towards the vehicle with both hands raised. When he leaned into the driver’s window, Shelby fatally shot him.

Shelby resigned from the force shortly after being reinstated in light of the acquittal. In August, The Root reported she’d be working with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office as a reserve deputy.