Singer K. Michelle is back to flaunting her curvaceous figure after undergoing silicone removal surgery to combat complications from her butt implants. The singer had successful surgery to remove her butt injections last year after revealing the large implants caused weakness in her legs due to the disproportion to her naturally petite frame.

In April, Michelle shared that she underwent two emergency blood transfusions stemming from an infection she developed after silicone spread to her legs. Now, a month later, the “Rebellious Soul” singer showed off her body in an Instagram video revealing that she is so small she can “actually fit into clothes.” Under the video, she wrote, “I still have my drains😒 Then I have one more surgery for reconstruction. This surgery with lift my natural butt and have me summertime fine. I’m moving along everyday😎 This is me with no silicon in me. I’m not perfect, but I’m happy and getting healthier every day.”