Basketball Wives is back with a bang, and the drama from last season picked up right where it left off. Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer, Suzie, Royce and Tami have returned, and we’re introduced to two new castmembers, Kesha and Kenya.  Going along with the theme of the non-matching show title, none of the women are really wives right now. The closest is Evelyn, who is engaged to NFL player, Chad OchoCinco. Otherwise, they’re really “Ladies who used to date, be married to or have children with basketball players.” But that doesn’t have the same ring as “Basketball Wives.”

The ladies are no longer in Miami, and have moved their commotion to New York City. Most of the season’s premiere episode showed the ladies meeting up with each other individually because most of them aren’t even on speaking terms. Fan favorite, Tami, and messy Suzie are friendly with everyone else though. It’s a tangled silent treatment web they all weave. Here’s the breakdown:

– Royce is only speaking with Tami, but started talking to Suzie again on this episode.

– Jennifer is only speaking with Suzie and Tami.

– Evelyn is on talking terms with Shaunie, Tami, and Suzie

– Shaunie is cool with Tami, Evelyn, Jennifer, and Suzie. However, her and Royce don’t talk.

It will be interesting to see how this changes as the season goes along, and what friends, enemies or frenemies the newbies (Kesha and Kenya) make.

A lot of this episode focused on the disintegrating friendship between Evelyn and Jen. The former BFFs are no longer speaking, and everyone wonders what happened to cause the epic fallout. No, it isn’t the fact that Jen still insists on wearing colored contacts in 2012. Last season, they were on the outs over a comment Jen made about Evelyn’s beau, Chad, on the radio. Towards the end, they made up, but now they were definitely not friends.

Tami expresses concern that the two ladies are letting a 14-year friendship die without a fight so she plans a meeting for them at a restaurant, with Shaunie and Suzie in attendance. The moment the ladies sit down, squabbling ensues.

Apparently, the patched-up friendship went down the drain when Jen started blogging, and Evelyn felt she was the subject of some rude posts. Jen defends herself, saying that some of her posts are written by her publicist. Evelyn and her massive hula hoop earrings aren’t trying to hear it, and a frustrated Jen yells “what do you want me to f*cking do?” Evelyn bites back and lets her know to “Tone it down or I’ma punch you in the f*cking face.” Well DAMN!

Tami the peacemaker interjects that the ladies could at least be cordial to one another if they can’t be friends. A tearful Jen says she’s not against them being cordial because they have such a long history. Stone-faced Evelyn from the block’s retort was “If you’re not my friend, you’re my enemy.” Who pissed in her coffee and called it milk?

The episode ends as Tami proves why the fans love her by saying what was on a lot of minds: “You a mean b*tch, Evelyn.”

So much love has been lost, and the drama is far from over. We see previews of the rest of the season, and much of it has Evelyn snatching wigs and causing ruckus. The brawling Basketball Wives have returned and I have missed them!

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